Brookside Gardens, located in Silver Spring, Maryland, is a premier horticultural display garden that delights visitors with its stunning landscapes, diverse plant collections, and educational opportunities. Nestled within Wheaton Regional Park, this 50-acre garden oasis has been a beloved destination since its establishment in 1969. Visit this link for more information.

Gardens and Features

Brookside Gardens showcases a variety of specialized gardens, each with its own unique charm. The Rose Garden is a favorite, boasting over 5,000 roses of nearly 400 varieties. Visitors can also explore the Japanese-style Garden of Reflection and the colorful Aquatic Garden, which features water lilies and other aquatic plants. The Fragrance Garden offers an aromatic experience, with plants chosen for their appealing scents and textures. Read about Wheaton Regional Park: A Natural Oasis in Silver Spring, MD here.

Conservatories and Exhibits

The garden’s two conservatories provide year-round displays of exotic plants and seasonal flowers. The South Conservatory features tropical plants, including orchids and bromeliads, while the North Conservatory houses seasonal displays that change throughout the year. Special exhibits and events are hosted regularly, showcasing themes such as bonsai, orchids, and seasonal blooms.

Educational Programs and Events

Brookside Gardens offers educational programs for all ages, including workshops, lectures, and guided tours. These programs cover topics such as gardening techniques, plant care, and environmental conservation. The garden also hosts community events, plant sales, and seasonal festivals, providing opportunities for visitors to engage with nature and learn about gardening practices.

Accessibility and Amenities

The gardens are wheelchair accessible, with paved paths that wind through the various gardens and conservatories. Picnic areas and benches are strategically placed throughout the gardens, offering visitors the chance to relax and enjoy the serene surroundings. The Brookside Nature Center, located nearby, provides additional educational exhibits and nature programs.


Brookside Gardens in Silver Spring, MD, is a botanical treasure that offers a peaceful retreat and educational experience for all who visit. With its diverse gardens, seasonal displays, and educational programs, the garden continues to inspire and delight visitors with the beauty and wonder of nature.

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