Five Suggestions for Unpacking After a Move

What Should You Unpack First After a Move?

You just spent weeks or months planning your move, and the big day has finally arrived. But now you are surrounded by boxes that seem to be multiplying by the minute and you realize that you have a choice to make.

You want to explore your new neighborhood or city, but it’s important to get settled first in your new home. It’ll make exploring much more fun later on when you know you’re returning home with everything in its place.

First Things First

Realize that you won’t be able to unpack everything in the first day, even if you wanted to.

Before even opening the first box, take a walk through your new home and include everyone who’ll be living with you. It’s better to agree where large furniture and belongings will be set up now and not when you’re in the middle of moving things around.

Make sure your new home is clean. If it’s not the way you want it, now is a good time to clean before you start to open all of those boxes.

Make a note on where you want your furniture and other larger belongings to go.

1. Unpack the Essential Boxes

Hopefully, you have a box or two that has only the essentials that you’ll need for the first few days and that has been previously well labeled so you can find them easily. This is especially important if you have children and pets.

This box could include snacks for the kids and food for the pets, along with food and water bowls.

Towels, pajamas and a change of clothes are also a good idea to have packed in this box. Include a favorite toy or books to help keep children and pets from underfoot.

Include a few cleaning supplies, like cleanser, sponges, and old towels and in this box just in case they are needed.

2. Arrange the large appliances and furniture

It’s always nice to have the larger items put in their places so you can focus on the smaller boxes. This’ll also give you a place to sit and rest your feet for a few minutes if needed in between putting your belongings away.

Make sure that all the appliances are working. If there seems to be a problem with any of them, now’s a good time to call in a repairman.

3. Set up the beds

Plan to put the beds together. Add fresh sheets, blankets, and pillows. If you need to hang curtains on the windows, do this now.

You can now go to bed whenever you are ready and start the morning fresh. This will also help children feel more at home when they see their beds are ready for them in their new room. Children can help by hanging their clothes in the closet and putting their own belongings away.

4. Unpack Bathroom supplies

Moving can be dirty and sweaty work. If your bathroom already has essential items like soap, toilet paper, and towels, you can clean up when you need to. Don’t forget important medication as well.

5.Kitchen Essentials

Don’t plan on cooking for the first day or so. Order takeout or make a quick trip to a local restaurant.

Unpack some of your silverware, dishes, pots, and pans.

Keep a notepad handy and make a list of the groceries you’ll need to purchase. It’s a good idea to only purchase a few days’ worth of food at first. Plan a larger trip to the grocery store after you are moved in and settled.

The kitchen will probably take the longest to set up. Don’t feel like you need to unpack everything all at once.

The Boxes are all empty, YOU DID IT! now what?

Don’t forget to recycle all those boxes and packing paper. Flatten the boxes by pulling the tape off them and take them to your nearest recycling center if you don’t have access to recycling in your new neighborhood.

Above all… Make Moving Fun!

Listen to fun and upbeat music while you empty those boxes. Play games with your kids, like “I Spy.”

Let your family, friends or your new neighbors help. Working together is a great way to get to know each other.

Also keep in mind for the ultimate stress free move experience you can ask us to unpack for you. For an estimate to unpack after your next move simply give us a call at 240-600-0998 or fill out the form below. We look forward to serving you!

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