What to Expect on Moving Day

The day has finally arrived: what to expect on Move day

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After extensive preparation for your relocation, the momentous day has finally arrived. As you anticipate settling into your new home and resuming your regular routine, Artisan Movers is committed to ensuring a smooth transition without any unexpected surprises. To facilitate this, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you navigate through the day’s events seamlessly.

  • The Initial Walkthrough: Upon our arrival within the agreed-upon time frame, our friendly Artisan Movers team will introduce themselves and proceed with a thorough walkthrough of your current residence. During this walkthrough, we’ll take note of which furniture needs to be moved and any existing damage for liability purposes.

  • Optimal Truck Parking: To streamline the loading process, we typically wait until after the initial walkthrough to position the moving truck. This allows us to strategically place the truck for efficient loading. If there are any special considerations regarding the driveway, such as recent paving or painting, please inform us beforehand.

  • Protective Measures: At Artisan Movers, safeguarding your belongings is our top priority. Our experienced team will meticulously cover and protect your furniture, door jambs, floors, banisters, and other high-traffic areas of your home. Additionally, larger items like beds and desks will be disassembled and protected before transport.

  • Tiered Loading Process: Employing a systematic approach, we maximize space utilization within the truck. Starting with a sturdy base of items like dressers and nightstands, we gradually stack boxes and square-shaped materials on top, finishing with lighter, bulkier items. This tiered loading process ensures secure transportation of your belongings.

  • Final Check and Departure: Following the completion of loading, we conduct a final walkthrough to ensure nothing is overlooked. Once confirmed, and with your confirmation that the unloading address is accurate, we’ll embark on the journey to your new home.

  • Arrival and Unloading: Upon reaching your new residence, our team will unload your belongings, placing them in designated rooms as per your instructions. Furniture will be carefully assembled, and padding will be removed as items are unloaded to maintain their condition.

  • Organized Box Placement: Labeled boxes will be delivered to their respective rooms, simplifying the unpacking process. Additionally, our team is available to accommodate any specific room preferences you may have.

  • Furniture Assembly and Placement: Assembling beds and other items requiring reassembly is seamlessly handled by our crew, ensuring your new house begins to feel like home.

  • Final Walkthrough and Adjustments: Once unloading is complete, we’ll conduct a final walkthrough with you to ensure everything is placed to your satisfaction. We’re happy to accommodate any adjustments or relocations you may require.

  • Truck Inspection and Payment: After confirming the completion of the move, you’re welcome to inspect the truck to ensure all belongings have been safely transferred. Finally, we’ll provide you with the necessary electronic paperwork and bill, offering payment options including cash, credit card, or check, with discounts available for cash payments.


With a clear understanding of the moving day’s progression, it’s evident that we have a reliable, proven process in place. You can feel confident knowing the step-by-step journey your move will follow. By entrusting Artisan Movers with your relocation, you’re making a wise decision. Relax knowing that we’ve got everything under control.


Have any questions about the moving process? Take a look at our FAQs page for answers.

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